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About this Website

Enthusiastically, the 62-B District Court presents this website to the public.  It is our express hope that the website will allow for better service and a resource to our community.


  • User Friendly:  The intuitive navigation system, web-tools, website design, easy to read content, and many more unseen features are designed to make our website user friendly.
  • Online Payments:  The court provides a convenient way to settle accounts with a secured online payment system.
  • Record Search:  This tool is helpful for finding public court records held at the court.
  • Court Calendar:  This expansive calendar defaults to show today’s docket.  However, the field features make it a powerful tool to show an individual’s court schedule by name of litigant, attorney, etc.
  • Online Forms:  For nearly all our forms, we hyperlink to Michigan Supreme Court approved forms.  This helps reduce time searching for the appropriate forms.  62-B District specific documents we provide on our website in PDF format.
  • Online Traffic Hearing Requests:  No need to wait on the phone to request a Traffic Hearing.  Just fill out the online form.
  • Content:  All frequently requested information we provide our website in clear and concise language.
  • Helpful Slideshows:  Many helpful slide shows have been imbedded on our website.  These slideshows are the same ones used in the courtroom.  All slideshows are in AVI format and linked to our YouTube channel.

Special Thanks

This website would not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of Mr. Eric Wiscovitch.  Eric first came to the 62-B District Court as an extern from Cooley Law School.  During his time as an extern he impressed the judge and the staff and became part of the court.  After graduation in May 2012, Eric became our web project manager.  Eric authored all of the court's online policies and content of this website. In addition, Eric coordinated, negotiated, and worked with various companies, city offices, and court staff to develop this interactive, informative, and user-friendly website.