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Contacting the Court

General Inquiries

Before calling the court, please check this website for general information.  Each division provides the most commonly asked about information.  If you still have a question, please call the court.  Click here for the directory.

Confirming Court Times

Please refer to your official document from the court or law enforcement officer.  You may use the court calendar to confirm court times. 

Rescheduling Court Times

The rescheduling of a court time is not automatic.  A request for an adjournment must be granted in order for a court time to be rescheduled.  Please call the appropriate division, to request an adjournment.  Click here for the directory.

Official Communication

Any official documents, filings, or documents of legal significance should come via the appropriate method under the courts rules or governing statute.  Mail is the generally accepted method.  But personal delivery, fax, or other carrier may be used if allowed by the court rules or governing statue.

Mailing Address

62-B District Court
4740 Walma S.E.
Kentwood, Michigan 49512


(616) 698-8199