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The 62-B District Court highly values full disclosure to the public.  We strive to have disclosure to fullest extent permissible under law.  The following is our disclaimers regarding the use of this website:


All information on the Court website is intended to be accurate and complete.  Many items on our website are maintained by third parties.  All data on the this website is updated periodically.
For example, the record search feature is maintained and operated by a third party data service.  A recent change to your court record may not be reflected in the online record until the service refreshes the online record.
Therefore, the Court does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of information on this website.  In addition, the Court is not responsible for any errors or omissions.  Furthermore, the Court assumes no liability for the use of information contained in this website.

Information is Not Legal Advice

Essentially, the Court only provides information, and does not provide legal advice.  All information on this website is provided as an information service to the public.  The Court does not tell you how to act or respond to this information.  If you require advising, then the Court recommends that you seek private legal counsel.

Dissimilar Information with Court Mailings

If there are any conflicts or contradictions with information between a court mailing or information on the website, then the Court mailing will control.

Effect on Rights

Information or statements on this website has no impact on your rights.  Therefore, information on this website does not create, remove, enhance, or diminish any substantive or procedural rights under any law, constitution, or court rule.

No E-Filing

At this time, the 62-B District Court website is not designed or equipped to receive e-filings.  Any documents submissions, notices, or any type of filings submitted via this website will not be accepted.  Consequently, any items submitted in this fashion will be deemed not received by the Court.

Citations of Website Content

Any and all information on this website is not intended to be legal authority.  Therefore, any information on this website must not be cited or used as authority for any legal argument or position unless permitted by law.

Law Enforcement

The 62-B District Court cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our services for illegal activities.  Any possible evidence of criminal activity discovered may be provided to law enforcement agencies.

Changes to Policies

All Court website policies are subject to change without notice.  Therefore, the Court recommends periodically checking the policies to ensure that you stay informed.