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Privacy Policy

The 62-B District Court maintains this website as a public service.  In order to achieve various service objectives, this website collects and uses information.  This policy regulates the collection and use of information at our website.

Automatic Information Collection

In order to improve our service to the public, the 62-B District Court website utilizes server logs and log analysis tools to examine use of the website.  These tools collect and store various types of data.  For example: this website collects internet protocol addresses, domain name servers, page traffic, browser types, referring website, date and time of access, etc.

Voluntary Information Collection

For varying online services, the Court may ask for voluntary disclosure of information.  The specifics may vary depending on the service.  However, the court will only request the same information that would be requested if you performed the identical transaction in person.  All online services are voluntary.

Information Sharing

In general, the Court will not send any information collected to other parties.  Only under the following circumstances will the Court share collected information:
  • Consent. If you provide consent to have the court share the information, then we will do so to the extent of the consent.
  • Services.  In order to provide certain services, the court will need to share certain information with third parties.  For example: online payment of legal obligations.
  • Law. Some laws may authorize or require disclosure of certain information. For example: Freedom of Information Act MC 15.231, et seq.: MSA 4.180(1) et seq.

Record Search

All court records and searchable databases are not stored on the website.  These are maintained by a third party.  The website acts only a portal to the information on the database.  Only public files are available for review on our website.


Cookies are extremely small text files that are stored on your computer.  Basically, cookies log specific information.  Like virtually all websites, the 62-B District Court website places a cookie onto your computer.  The cookie serves to provide more consistent performance with your computer, and is not harmful to your computer.
If you wish to remove cookies, see your browser or operating system settings.  Most browsers have settings to prevent cookie placement and easy removal methods.  This may affect your online transactions and performance of this website and other websites you frequent.

Web Browser Auto-Form Fill In

Certain web browsers programs have automatic entry for filling in forms.  The web browser stores this information on your computer.  This website does not access or retrieve this information from your computer.

Correction of Information

If you feel there are any errors in the information on the website concerning your case records, please contact the court directly at (616) 698-9310.