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Terms of Use

The 62-B District Court website is owned by the City of Kentwood.  The website is provided as a public service.  The use of the content, images, and logos on the 62-B District Court Website is explained in the following sections.

Limited Open License

The information provided on this website is public information.  The 62-B District Court gives open license to the public for use of text and photographs contained in the website.  This open license extends only to the 62-B District Court website pages, and does not extend to the rest of the City of Kentwood website.

No Use of Logos

In general, the 62-B District Court does not permit any use of Court or the City of Kentwood website logos.  Permission maybe granted on a case by case basis.  Contact the Court directly at (616) 698-9310.

Linking to the Website

Linking to Court website is permitted under the following conditions:
  • No Misrepresentation.  Your site cannot portray any person or subject in a misleading or false light.  Simply, your site cannot be engaged in any misrepresentation or fraudulent activities.
  • No Use of Logos.  You may not use the Court Logo or City of Kentwood logo in your link design without express written consent from the Court.
  • No Claim of Endorsement.  Your site many not imply or claim that the Court is endorsing your site, viewpoint, product, or services.

Links to Other Sites

To enhance our service to the public, the 62-B District Court provides links to other organizations’ websites.  These links are provided for convenience and informational purposes only.  The Court does not endorse any content, viewpoints, products, services, content, or affiliations of the linked websites.

Termination of Policies

The Court website policies only apply to you when you are using this website.  Therefore, when you leave the 62-B District Court website you will be subject to the policies of the new website.