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Applications for the Regional OWI Sobriety Court.

62B District Regional Sobriety Court Program

  • All actions must be done PRIOR TO SENTENCING
  • No client will be accepted if they have already been sentenced.
  • Please allow 4 weeks for this process.
  • All fees associated with this process are the responsibility of the client.
  • Unless the sentencing court is the 62B District Court, if a client resides in Grand Rapids, the client must apply through the 61st District Court Sobriety Court Program rather than this court's Regional OWI Program.
1.    Contact Andrea Zufelt at 616-554-0722 to schedule a date and time to complete a Risk and Needs Assessment, interview and review of the program.
2.    Forward the Application (attached), Police Report and Plea Agreement to Andrea Zufelt (Fax: 616-698-6428 or email: zufelta@ci.kentwood.mi.us).
3.    Contact one of the following treatment providers to obtain a Substance Abuse Evaluation. Let them know you are getting an evaluation for the 62B Sobriety Court.
  • New Life Counseling Services at 616-249-1888
  • Reality Counseling Services at 616-475-8660
  • Grand Rapids Counseling Services at 616-988-3433
4.    Once the Substance Abuse Evaluation is completed and forwarded to Andrea Zufelt, she will prepare the referral and discuss with the team regarding admission.
5.    You will be notified of the team’s decision via email and/or telephone.
62B District Regional Sobriety Court Program

Application for Screening
Case # ______________________________    Court  _______________
Defense Attorney __________________________________________________________________________
Phone __________________    Fax _________________  Email _______________________________________
Defendant FULL Name ________________________________________________
Other names used in the past __________________________________________
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) _________________________
Driver’s License or State ID Number __________________________________________
Current COMPLETE Address _________________________________________________   
Defendant Phone Number ________________________________
I understand that this screening is only the first step in seeking entrance into the 62B District Court Regional Sobriety Court Program. Acceptance by the prosecutor does not guarantee admission into the program. If there are any questions regarding the screening application you can contact Andrea Zufelt at 616-554-0722.
I declare that the above statements are true to the best of my information, knowledge and belief.
Signature_______________________________________________   Date ____________________
  • Minimum 90 day post program entry wait time before RDL consideration
  • $900.00 participant fee in addition to any fines and costs imposed by the transferring court
  • Minimum 60 days SCRAM alcohol tether to be paid for by the participant