Mayor of the City of Kentwood

The City of Kentwood is a dynamic, diverse, and growing community of over 50,000 . Kentwood has beautiful homes, great schools, churches and businesses. There is an excellent mix of residential housing styles, the location is convenient to work, shopping and recreational activities are close at hand. There are beautiful parks, good roads, along with a thriving industrial and commercial base. In addition to these attributes, the City tax rate is among the lowest in the State for a city over 20,000 in population.

The City has a wonderful selection of newer buildings with outstanding infrastructure, major interstate highways surround our borders, and an international airport is at our main entry. As important as any point, is the commitment this Government makes to its business partners. We are ready to assist and work with businesses that can bring good jobs to our area. We are open for business!

We have, and will continue to work together to maintain a high quality of life, building a sense of community and continuing to be the location where businesses and families proudly say: "My address is Kentwood, Michigan".

Stephen Kepley, Mayor

The Mayor is an elected official of the City and is responsible for the supervision of all City departments. The Mayor functions as the Head Administrator of the City, represents the City at official functions and presides at City Commission meetings.
To see the State of the City Speech for 2015 please click the link below.
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Mayor Richard Clanton

Contact Information

Stephen Kepley
(616) 554-0771

Deputy City Administrator
Mark E. Rambo
(616) 554-0770


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