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Kentwood Water/Sewer Department

The Kentwood water system is supplied from the City of Wyoming and the City of Grand Rapids. If you reside west of Breton Rd. the City of Wyoming supplies the water to you and the City of Kentwood services your water/sewer, if you reside east of Breton Rd. the City of Grand Rapids supplies and services your water/sewer.

High Water Bill?
Connection to City Water and/or Sewer
Water Heater Dip Tube Complaints
Hydrant Permits
Miss Dig


To find your current water/sewer bill amount you may access our online system. You can look up your bill by address or last name.

There are several options when making your water payment. You can pay your bills online with your credit card or pay in person at the treasures office, located at 4900 Breton Ave Se., Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, by cash, check, money order or credit card.  We also have a non-cash drop box located in the drive to City Hall for after hour payment drop off.

High Water Bill?

Please check your water meter to make sure it was read properly. If the reading on the bill is higher than on your meter call our billing office at 554-0734 to have your bill evaluated. If the meter reads higher than the bill reading, you may want to check the following for proper cycling. Toilets running or improper cycling of the toilet are main causes of high water usage. Underground sprinkling systems that have not been properly winterized may also be a cause for high usage. If you have a water softener, check it for proper cycling. If you can not find any problems feel free to contact our office for further information.


For final water/sewer bill in the Wyoming water district contact our office at 554-0734 to schedule an appointment for a water department personnel to read the water meter located inside your home. Please call our office if you are moving into Kentwood to get the water bill put in your name at the time of move in. If you reside in the Grand Rapids water district you will need to contact their office for a final water/sewer bill.

Connection to City Water and/or Sewer

If you are in the Grand Rapids water district you will need to contact the Grand Rapids water department for trunkage fees and the City of Kentwood Treasurers office for Special Assessments due to the City of Kentwood.

If you are in the Wyoming water district please contact our office for fees due and procedures for connection to the water/sewer system. Here is a list of some of the fees for a single-family residential home that may be due to the city for connecting the water and sewer. This does not include any assessments due.
  • Water Trunkage fee $90.00
  • Sewer Trunkage fee $210.00
  • Street Cut fee $300.00
For taping of Sewer mains please contact our water/sewer department Not all homes have a water lateral in the street for their use. To tap a water main in the Wyoming water district please follow the following procedure: Water Tapping Procedure:
  1. Pay for inspection permit to the City of Kentwood Plumbing Inspector, $20.00 to inspect tap to stop box.
  2. Arrange for tap (payment and scheduling) with an approved tapping contractor. List attached.
  3. Schedule inspection of tap with the Kentwood Plumbing Inspector no later than 9:00 am (616) 554-0703 the day of the tap installation.
  4. Contractor shall be responsible for services from corporation to property line.
  5. All service that must run under the road shall be jacked or bored - no street cuts will be permitted.
  6. Contractors shall be responsible for all excavation and de-watering and restoration of any property to its original condition.
  7. All contractors shall be approved underground contractors. An approved underground contractor shall mean:
  • Three (3) years experience.
  • Bonded through the City of Kentwood
  • Insurance -- City of Kentwood to be certificate holder.
    $ 50,000 property & liability
    $100,000 for each accident
    $25,000 property damage
    $ 5,000 underground bond

Water Heater Dip Tube (White Flakes in Water) Complaints

  1. Check sample of material to see if it floats. Plastic will float. If it doesn't float it is probably calcium or manganese. Plastic material could be a color other than white and could be brittle or crumble.
  2. If product is determined to be plastic from the dip tube check the manufacturer of the hot water heater. Most brands are repaired by GFI Services (Keith Sikkema). He is the authorized agent to provide the necessary service/repairs. GFI 241-4400.

If the product is a state industry product, call 1-800-365-0577. They provide their own Services.

If its an AO Smith, Alger Plumbing 241-1648 handles this product.

They will need serial and model numbers.

Product time frame from 1992 - present.

Hydrant Permits

Permits: Anyone wanting to use a fire hydrant in the City of Kentwood must obtain a permit prior to using the hydrant. Permits may be obtained at one of two locations depending on the location of the hydrant. The city is divided into two districts. (See Map) The Grand Rapids Water Department at 1101 Monroe Ave NW issues permits for use in the Grand Rapids district. Permits for use of hydrants in the Wyoming district are issued by the Kentwood Water Department at 5068 Breton Rd. SE, Between 7:30am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Permits are good for 24 Hours only.

Penalties: Failure to obtain a permit prior to using a hydrant will result in one or all of the following penalties: The user will be charged a double permit fee. All equipment found on the hydrant will be confiscated and held by the water department until all appropriate charges are paid. Or the user will not be permitted further use of hydrants in the city water system.

Fee/charges: A $75.00 deposit is collected at the time the permit is issued. After the hydrant has been used, an inspection of the hydrant is made to check for damages. If there is no damage, the deposit, less a $20.00 permit fee and charges for the amount of water used is returned by mail. Any charges to repair damage to the hydrant are deducted from the deposit along with the aforementioned charges. Should the deposit not cover the charges for damage to the hydrant a bill will be issued to the user. Homeowners using the hydrant to fill their pools shall have the deposit waived. The charges for water usage plus and damage to the hydrant will be added to the subsequent water bill.

Pool companies or other contractors who use hydrants on a regular basis will be allowed to keep the $75.00 deposit on file through the year. However, a permit must still be obtained for each use and all applicable fees or charges are paid.

Miss Dig

Before you dig please call Miss Dig at 1-800-482-7171. This is a free service to homeowners. Our Water/Sewer Department will receive a notice from Miss Dig for your request. Our service personnel will be to your home within 3 business days to mark your yard where the water/sewer line are located with flags and colored marking paint. Other utilities will also be marked as follows:
  • Yellow: Gas
  • Orange: Phone and CATV
  • Red: Electric
  • Blue: Water
  • Green: Storm Drain
  • Brown: Sewer
  • Pink: Surveying
If you see these flags in your yard please do not remove them because someone or a utility company has called for a Miss Dig and the information is very important to the person that will be digging.