Arts Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentwood Arts Advisory Committee is to discuss issues, foster collaboration on projects, and brainstorm ideas to encourage greater community involvement in the arts.


The purpose of the Kentwood Arts Advisory Committee may include the following but is not limited to:
  • Stimulate interest and awareness in all forms of art
  • Promote schools, exhibitions, performances, and productions of artistic and cultural value to the people of the Kentwood area
  • Coordinate the artistic and cultural activities of the Kentwood area, including but not limited to music, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, allied arts and crafts, and such other cultural activities of value to the citizens of kentwood
  • Be the arts advisory body for the citizens of Kentwood
  • Provide a community perspective on services, programs, events, and facilities related to the arts and culture
  • Foster public awareness, recognition, and support for local artistic talent and multiculturalism
  • Provide leadership in, and actively promote community activities related to the arts, culture, and special events
  • provide liasions, linkages, and networks to assist community activities and clubs
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Committee Members

Bob Jones

Debi Crawford-Poyner

Dan Kasunic

Margaret Brasic

Steve Redmond

Charlie Ziesemer

Joan Brown



ARCH 2013

ARCH 2013 flyer