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April 18, 2017
Conference Room #119
5:30 P.M.
Present: Commissioners: Chairperson Michael W. Brown, Betsy Artz, Richard Clanton, Robert Coughlin, Jerry DeMaagd, Erwin Haas, and Mayor Stephen C.N. Kepley. Also present: Finance Director Tom Chase, City Clerk Dan Kasunic, and Deputy Administrator Mark Rambo.
Mayor Kepley made a brief opening remark regarding a balanced budget and the general changes to staff.
Finance Director Chase noted account changes and overview of the documents and millage adoption rates, with the addition of pie charts to aid in understanding.
The Committee reviewed the following departmental budgets with their representatives.
Human Resources-Director Gail Dewey.
-Remains the Status Quo; however, the part time employee to complete the paperwork for new employees in the ARCH program is .3 out of the ARCH fund and .2 charged to HR.
-An increase in contractual services for a tracking system for applicants.
Library-Cheryl Cammenga.
-Budget reflects non-personnel cost.
-Noted the Library is needing additional maintenance.
-Will be reupholstering the community room chairs.
Planning-Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer.
- Form-based Code is complete, with the process of approvals continuing.
-Will update the Zoning Ordinance.
-Working on the Housing Policy.
-Working on the Master Plan update.
Parks & Recreation Department-Assistant Director Lorraine Beloncis and Grant Administrator Denise Dawson
-High turnover in the ARCH program
-change Part Time Office Specialist to Full Time.
-adding one FTE Recreation Program Coordinator.
-Track/monitor events for better information.
-50th Anniversary Events.
City Assessor-Andy Johnson.
- Sharing an FTE with the Treasurer Department.
-Reduced contractual services to offset the increase in personnel.
Information Technology-Matt Anderson.
            -Added Desk Support and reduced contractual services.
            -His first year as IT Manager.
-Will be implementing a new phone system, and increase the overtime budget because of this project.
Treasurer-Laurie Sheldon
-Staffing reflects change of a shared FTE with Assessing.
            -Being Beta testing for the new in-house utility billing.
            -Shift to offset salaries form contractual services.
Court-Judge William Kelly and Court Administrator Michele White.
-Sobriety Court is working well.
-No staffing change.
-Requesting an online virtual court system.
Police Department-Chief Tom Hillen and Deputy Chief Don Tuuri.
-Continues to fill open Police Officer positions.
-Requesting an increase in cadet hours and pay.
Fire-Chief Brent Looman.
            - Increase Paid-On-Call Firefighters.
- Reduction of contractual services for Dispatch services.
-Having a more consistent equipment replacement schedule.
A brief discussion regarding a medical unit and staffing to maintain it, as information only.
Engineering & Inspections-Tim Bradshaw
-One additional FTE for an Engineering Technician for road projects.
-Added web access for permits.
-Rental Inspections program enforcement is continuing.
DPW-John Gorney.
-Had four retirements last year.
-Adding one FTE and .5 FTE in building maintenance division.
-Transfer of one seasonal grounds position to seasonal intern for fleet services.
-contracting out for cemetery lawn maintenance.
City General –Tom Chase
            -new category for 50th Anniversary celebration.
            -Transfer out of General Fund for Street Lighting.
            -Transfer to Property and Building Fund of $70,000.
            -May self-insure to save funds.
A brief discussion regarding streelighting expenses.
City Clerk Office/Elections- City Clerk Dan Kasunic.
            -New Deputy.
-New election equipment to be delivered in July with the City incurring some additional expenses related to the equipment.
Executive- Mayor Kepley and Deputy Administrator Mark Rambo.
            -Using contractual services for communications-social media.
            -New web-site to be on-line in August.
Finance -Finance Director Tom Chase.
                -Reduced overtime with a change from hourly to salary.
Special Revenue Funds -Finance Director Tom Chase.
-Reviewed the funds.
Motion by Artz, seconded by DeMaagd, to recommend approval by the City Commission of the FY 2017-18 General Fund and Special Revenue Funds Budgets and to make appropriations therefore, and City Operating Millages as amended at the May 8, 2017 City Commission Meeting.
                                                                        Motion Carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 P.M.
Dan Kasunic                                                               Michael Brown
City Clerk                                                                   Mayor Pro-Tem