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April 19, 2016
Conference Room #119
5:00 P.M.
Present: Commissioners: Chairperson Michael W. Brown, Betsy Artz, Robert Coughlin, Jerry DeMaagd, Erwin Haas, Steve Redmond (5:45) and Mayor Stephen C.N. Kepley. Also present: Finance Director Tom Chase, City Clerk Dan Kasunic, Assistant Finance Director Lorna Nenciarini and Deputy Administrator Mark Rambo.
Mayor Kepley made a brief opening remark regarding how highly detailed the budget binders are and they are a management tool. He explained a few changes in staffing or contracts that will change.
Finance Director Chase noted the format of the binders and referred to the memo he passed out regrading FY 2017 maintenance agreements and other expenditures. He informed the Commission the Justice Center Bond has been paid off, and that amount will result in a saving in the budget. He noted no Headley adjustment is needed for this fiscal period.
The Committee reviewed the following departmental budgets with their representatives.
Planning-Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer.
-Planning is proposing a paid intern position.
-Continue to work towards a Form-based Code.
-Will update the Zoning Ordinance.
-Noted because of a Supreme Court ruling the sign ordinance will be changing.
Library-Cheryl Cammenga.
-Budget reflects non-personnel cost.
-Noted the Library is six years old and does need some repairs.
Human Resources-Director Gail Dewey.
-Remains the Status Quo; however, a change to increase part time employee to complete the paperwork for new employees in the ARCH program and that cost will be paid by the ARCH program.
-Changing to a Health Savings Account Plan has saved funds and kept the City under the required “hard-cap”.
Treasurer- Deputy Treasurer Brad Phillips.
-Staffing reflects changing to a dedicated P/T employee.
            -The Department has moved back the tax payments in-house.
            -In the future will move back the utility payments in-house.
City Assessor-Andy Johnson.
- Elimination of a vacant .5 FTE Senior Appraiser position and replace with funds in the contractual services line item.
-It was his first year as the City Assessor.
Court-Judge William Kelly and Court Administrator Michele White.
-Add .5 FTE in Court and .5 FTE in Probation to help with the work load and increase customer service.
-Will install a kiosk in rotunda to provide customers with another option for payment.
-Continue work on Sobriety Court under a two-year grant.
-Collections are up 14 percent.
Park & Recreation Department-Director Val Romeo and Deputy Director Lorraine
-No staff change; however, Human Resources will take over the ARCH Program paperwork for hiring employees.
-Continuation of Farmers Market and the two-year grant to cover costs.
-Special Events for fund raising.
City Clerk Office/Elections- City Clerk Dan Kasunic.
            -Purchase of replacement voting booths and other equipment.
            -Continue to find Election Workers.
Engineering & Inspections-Assistant City Engineer Dan Vander Heide.
-No staffing change, but an allowance for two paid summer interns.
-Rehab of 44th Street this construction season.
-Two new Inspectors have replaced the two who left.
-Adding payment for trade permits on-line through BS&A.
The Commission discussed the need to increase staffing to allow for increase inspections on rental properties.
Motion by Artz, seconded by Redmond, to add into the budget a .5 FTE for rental inspections after the rental Ordinances has been amended.
                                                                        Motion Carried.
                                                                        Haas Dissenting.
It was requested to have a public hearing for property owners to speak on this issue prior to any action taken.
The Commission stopped to go into City Commission Meeting at 7:01 P.M.
The City Commission resumed the meeting at 7:53 P.M.
DPW-John Gorney.
-Add one FTE because of a contractual service termination for street sweeping. Three parts to this change: equipment, labor and training. This item will be charged to the Major and Local Streets Fund.
-Add two additional seasonal employees for park maintenance.
-Upcoming retirements of up to five Public Works Employees.
-Plan for the demolition and rebuild of Bowen Street Park bathroom building.
-Upgrade of security cameras at different facilities.
-Begin the residential cross connect control program.
He informed the Commission the City reduced the amount of “lost water” by 2%.
Police Department-Chief Tom Hillen and Deputy Chief Don Tuuri.
-Add one FTE Patrol Officer and reassign one Officer to aid in building     relationships with students in the middle schools.
-Expand the PRICE and DDACT programs.
-Increase in contractual service, mostly due to dispatching costs.
Fire-Chief Brent Looman.
            - Continue to train and recruit POC Fire Fighters.
- Change from a shared FTE to a .5 FTE, with no benefits.
- Continue to apply for available grants.
Information Technology-Deputy Administrator Mark Rambo.
            -Complete the work of the Plante-Moran study.
            -Hiring an IT Director.
            -Make change from the current phone system.
            -Review disaster recovery program.
The Commission discussed the direction of an IT Director or hire as a contractual service.
Executive- Mayor Kepley and Deputy Administrator Mark Rambo.
            -Proposed additional FTE for communications.
The Commission discussed this item at length on the direction for this position.
The Commission decided to keep in the budget as a placeholder for the amount but to return for approval of this position as FTE or as a consultant.
Finance -Finance Director Tom Chase and Assistant Director Lorna Nenciarini
                -add a .5 FTE for a buyer position.
City General Expenses/Revenue-Finance Director Tom Chase.
-set aside $35,000 for Kentwood 50th celebration.
-earmarked $100,000 for after the classification & comparison sub-committee recommendations are complete.
-Debt fund for the Justice Center is paid.
-Due to law change Personal Property tax account is gone and Local Comm. Stability Appropriation has been implemented.
-State Revenue Sharing is flat.
-Reduced expenditure for EDC from $5,000 to $2,500.
-Reduced Housing Commission expenditure from $1,500 to $1,000.
-Two Brownfield Districts, with only one requesting reimbursement.
Motion by Artz, seconded by Redmond, to recommend approval by the City Commission of the FY 2016-17 General Fund and Special Revenue Funds Budgets and to make appropriations therefore, and City Operating Millages as amended at the May 17, 2016 City Commission Meeting.
                                                                        Motion Carried.
                                                                        Haas Dissenting.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:37 P.M.
Dan Kasunic                                                               Michael Brown
City Clerk                                                                   Mayor Pro-Tem