APPROVED MINUTES OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE October 21, 2014 Conference Room #119 5:30 P.M. Present: Commissioners: Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Brown, Betsy Artz, Sharon R. Brinks, Robert Coughlin, Jerry DeMaagd, Erwin Haas and Mayor Stephen Kepley. Also present: City Engineer Tim Bradshaw, Finance Director Tom Chase, Utilities Manager John Gorney, Deputy Administrator Rich Houtteman, City Clerk Dan Kasunic, Fire Chief Brent Looman, Assistant Finance Director Lorna Nenciarini, Parks & Recreation Director Val Romeo, Fire Department Administrative Assistant Nancy Shane, City Treasurer Laurie Sheldon, Deputy Police Chief Don Tuuri, and Public Works Director Ron Woods. FINANCE DEPARTMENT: A. AUDIT REPORT. Finance Director Chase introduced the auditors, who reviewed the highlights and explained certain sections of the audit but noted overall that this was a “clean” or unmodified audit. Commissioner DeMaagd expressed his concerns on certain parts of the audit. Motion by Coughlin, seconded by Haas, to recommend to the City Commission to receive and file the Financial Statements and single audit report year ended June 30, 2014 and the Independent Auditor’s Communication with those charged with Governance. Motion Carried. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS: A. SIDEWALK SNOWPLOWING-INFORMATION ONLY. Public Works Director Woods reviewed his memorandum and referred to the map regarding the sidewalks. Director Woods explained the criteria that is used to determine which sidewalks are plowed. Utilities Manager Gorney spoke on issues the department had last year with snow. No action needed, information only. B. PARK & RECREATION OFFICE IMPROVEMENTS. Public Works Director Woods reviewed the improvement completed to date; however, he requested additional funds for additional improvements to be made for carpet replacement, paint, and ceiling tile. Motion by Haas, seconded by Artz, to approve the expenditure of funds of $4,035.00 for Park & Recreation office improvements. Motion Carried. POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS: A. MONTHLY REPORTS. Fire Chief Looman reviewed the monthly report and reviewed activities the department had done in September. Those included speaking with school children, having the new engine in service Wednesday, having new portable and mobile radios installed. Deputy Police Chief Tuuri reviewed the monthly report and informed the Committee of the upcoming retirements of Penny Thomas and Brian Berry. During the public comment section it was asked if the Police motorcycles are effective. The answer was that they were in their view. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 P.M. Dan Kasunic Michael Brown City Clerk Mayor Pro-Tem
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