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April 13, 2015
Conference Room #119
5:00 P.M.
Present: Commissioners: Chairperson Michael W. Brown, Betsy Artz, Robert Coughlin Jerry DeMaagd, Erwin Haas, Steve Redmond and Mayor Stephen C.N. Kepley. Also present: Finance Director Tom Chase, Deputy Administrator Rich Houtteman, City Clerk Dan Kasunic and Assistant Finance Director Lorna Nenciarini.
Mayor Kepley made a brief opening remark regarding the binder being a management document to find information easier and contains items discussed at the retreat. He stated that although some changes were made up and down regarding staff, the overall result is an increase of staff by 1.2.
The Commissioners thought the new format was well done. An inquiry was made to find out what the debt per capita is currently.
Finance Director Chase thanked persons involved with the process and in the suggestions of making the new changes noted by the Mayor.
The Committee reviewed the following departmental budgets with their representatives.
Planning-Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer.
-Changes made to incur all salaries of the four employees within the department, and as a result Economic Planner will not have part of her salary paid for by EDC.
-The front desk Clerk will have the time spent in the Treasurer’s Office reduced to 10 hours  from 20hours in prior  years.
-Proposed increase to complete an update on the Zoning Ordinances.
-Suspending the Home Rehab. Loan Program due to the lack of funds available.
A brief discussion ensued regarding Commissioner Haas thoughts that Planning and Zoning should be eliminated. Other Commissioners inquired on “Form-Based Code” and on installing sidewalks by Pinewood School.
Library-Cheryl Cammenga.
-Budget reflects non-personnel cost. Noted with the old Library being sold, the maintenance costs are no longer incurred.
Human Resources-Gail Dewey.
-Remains the Status Quo.
-Completed negotiations with Police Patrol and Sergeants unions. Will begin negotiations with KGEA and Fire Department. 
-Begin work on the Fee & Compensation Study.
-Change in Dental for non-union employees.
Treasurer- Lauri Sheldon.
-Staffing change with splitting the Fire Department Clerk time with Treasurer’s Office and reducing Planning Department Clerk to 10 hours.
            -Brought back Animal Licensing.
            -Completing the Special Assessment Software.
            -Streamlining invoices
-Obtaining a Cash Handlers Certification which allows for more controls and oversight.
City Assessor-Andy Johnson.
-Same actual staffing levels as last year; however, reduce 0.5 FTE that has not been filled.
-City Assessor retiring in June. 
Court-Judge William Kelly and Court Administrator Michele White.
-Additional Probation Officer to help with work load.
-Working to have mobile and tablet apps.
-Install a kiosk in rotunda to provide customers with another option for payment.
-Continue work on Sobriety Court.
Park & Recreation Department-Director Val Romeo and Deputy Director Lorraine
-No staff change, but a reclassified PTE.
-Addition of Farmers Market.
-Implemented a program worksheet to evaluate each program.
-ARCH Program (controlled by Kentwood Public Schools) has increased its programs to 15 schools.
-Reinstated the Senior Advisory Council.
-Provided an update of funds raised for the July 4th Celebration.
City Clerk/Elections-Dan Kasunic.
-Deputy Clerk Mary Bremer retiring in August.
            -Plan for three to four elections.
            -Requesting funds for review of Code of Ordinances.
            -Purchase of replacement voting booths that are damaged.
Engineering & Inspections-Tim Bradshaw.
-Change in responsibilities with the retirement of DPW Director.
-Promotion of Renee Hargrave to Administrative Analyst.
-Change to Engineering Intern(s) one this summer possibly two next summer (same budget).
-Rental Inspection program increase.
-Replacement of Inspector who took a job with another municipality.
-Rental Inspection Program discussion regarding fines.
-Record Retention project was not microfilmed saving $40,000.
-Talks with Cascade Township for shared inspectors.
DPW-John Gorney.
            -Reduction of personnel with the retirement of DPW Director and the
            Re-assignment of responsibilities.
Police Department-Chief Tom Hillen and Deputy Chief Don Tuuri.
            -No recommended structural staff changes.
            -Continue to hire Officers as needed.
            -Increase in County Dispatch cost.
            -Increase in legal fees.
The Committee took a 20 minute break.
Fire-Chief Brent Looman and Deputy Chief Greg Ginebaugh.
            - Continue to training and retain POC Fire Fighters.
-Reduction of FTE with 20 hours used in Treasurers Office.
-Received one Fire Engine and expecting the second within a few weeks.  
-Replacement of boiler at Fire Station #1.
The Commissioners discussed the Ambulance Consortium.
Information Technology-Deputy Administrator Rich Houtteman.
            -Bringing in IT Management firm to begin work on several projects.
            -VIOP system (phone system) continue to expand the program.
            -Reduced contractual services with the hiring of the IT Management firm.
            -Turnover of employees.
Executive- Deputy Administrator Rich Houtteman.
            -Maintain Status Quo.
            -Local Officers Compensation Commission will meet by June.
            -Begin to utilize City Apps.
Mayor Kepley spoke on the Kentwood Community Foundation, EDC Strategic Plan and
It’s focus.
Finance -Finance Director Tom Chase and Assistant Director Lorna Nenciarini
                -No structural changes.
-Re-implement the fixed assess accounting.
-Self use for employees on BS&A software for financial information.
-Refinancing 2005 bond, saving $100,000.
-Continue to automate employee timesheet record keeping.
-Continue to have “City payables” be paperless.
City General Expenses/Revenue-Finance Director Tom Chase.
-Review of Special Millages
-Increase in taxable values, increasing revenue.
-Information on State Revenue Sharing.
-Information regarding other restricted funds:
Landfill, Brownfield, Library, EDC, Federal Grant and Housing Commission Funds.
Motion by Artz, seconded by Coughlin, to recommend approval by the City Commission of the FY 2015-16 General Fund and Special Revenue Funds Budgets and to make appropriations therefore, and City Operating Millages as amended at the May 19th City Commission Meeting.
                                                                        Motion Carried.
                                                                        Haas Dissenting.
Commissioner Haas explained he wants to get rid of the Planning and Zoning Department for various reasons.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 P.M.
Dan Kasunic                                                               Michael Brown
City Clerk                                                                   Mayor Pro-Tem