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April 18, 2013
Conference Room #119
5:00 P.M.
Present: Commissioners: Chairperson Michael W. Brown, Betsy Artz, Sharon R. Brinks, Maurice Groce, Lauri Sheldon and Mayor Richard V. Clanton. Absent: Robert Coughlin. Also present: Finance Director Tom Chase, Deputy Administrator Rich Houtteman, and City Clerk Dan Kasunic.
Mayor Clanton made a brief opening remark referring to pages 1-6.
Finance Director Chase gave a brief overview of changes for this budget and reviewed the bond debt.
The Committee reviewed the following departmental budgets with their representatives.
Library-Cheryl Cammenga.
-Increase in maintenance because of new contract and maintenance of old library.
Treasurer- Jan Hollinrake.
            -No staff changes from last year, business as usual.
Park & Recreation Department-Director Charlie Ziesemer & Deputy Director Kingelsmith.
-Deputy Director and Clerk positions will be vacant at the start of the budget.     ARCH Program will be shown separately on the budget.
City Assessor-Senior Assessor Andy Johnson.
-Because of the resignation of the Deputy Assessor, the position of Senior Assessor was created and an Assessing Technician; however, it was requested to continue to retain the position of Deputy Assessor, and discontinue the use of seasonal workers. 
DPW-Ron Woods.
            -Inspections: no changes, but noted permits have greatly increased.
            -Continue to use a mutual exchange agreement for inspectors to reduce cost.
-The need for purchase of new vehicles will be coming before the Commission in the future because of age, millage and rust issues.
-Engineering: No structural changes, but a change due to costs associated with engineering interns.
-Public Works: Expansion of Pinehill Cemetery, and increase in overall maintenance requirements.
Court-Judge William Kelly and Court Administrator Deb Clanton.
-Increase of hours of two part-time clerks.
Human Resources-Lisa Sonego.
            -Change of Part-Time employee to Full-Time.
Police Department-Chief Tom Hillen.
            -Add Captain, reduce one Patrol officer.
            -Continue with the transition of EMS and CAD systems.
Fire-Chief Brent Looman.
            - Continue to training and retain POC  Fire Fighters.
-Filled the vacant Deputy Fire Chief position which will result in promotions and a new hire.
Planning-Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer.
-20% of a clerk in charged to Treasurer as a shared position.
-Economic Development Planner continues to be paid by EDC.
-Refocus on training of staff and commission.
-Implementation of Master Plan.
City Clerk-Dan Kasunic.
-No structural changes.
            -Plan for three elections.
Finance-Information Technology-Finance Director Tom Chase.
Finance: Under review of possible in-source payroll.
Information Technology: Add part-time interns to aid in updating web-site.
-Noted a drop in maintenance agreements.
Executive- Mayor Clanton.
            -Noted the Priority list.
City General Expenses/Revenue-Finance Director Tom Chase.
-Reviewed upcoming changes in revenue.
-Fund balance resolutions
-Bond issues for the infrastructure and buildings.
            -Would like to begin a Fee and Cost Allocation Study.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M.
Dan Kasunic                                                               Michael Brown
City Clerk                                                                   Mayor Pro-Tem