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7:30 P.M.
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  1. Call to Order
  1. Pledge of Allegiance (Mike Pemberton)
  1. Roll Call
  1. Approval of the Minutes of March 24, 2015 and Findings of Fact for: Case# 9-15 - Gotiva Motor Sales - Special Land Use Open Air Business and Site Plan Review located at 5091 Broadmoor Ave SE 
  1. Approval of the Agenda for April 14, 2014
  1. Acknowledge visitors and those wishing to speak to non- agenda items.
  1. Old Business
There is no Old Business
  1. Public Hearing
Case#10-15 - Structures and Improvements Plan 2015-2021;
Case# 11-15 - Madison Ave Missionary Baptist Church – Site Plan Review for a Place of Religious Worship Located at 5757 Madison Ave SE
  1. Work Session
Case#12-15 - Guiding Light Recovery – Rezoning of approximately 3.10 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R2 Two Family Residential- Located at 5022 Division Ave SE
Case# 13-15 – Guiding Light Recovery – Special Land Use of an Adult Caring Institution Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Recovery Program – Located at 5022 Division Ave SE
Case# 14-15 – Woodbury Center – Preliminary Plat and Final Site Plan Review for a Single Family Subdivision – Located South Side of 44th Street Quaker Hill Dr. Extended
Case#15-15 – Tamarisk Apartments – Rezoning of approximately 5.11 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R4 High Density Residential – Located at 4520 Bowen Blvd SE
  1. New Business
Set public hearing date of May 13, 2015, for: Case#18-15 – Aspen Pointe – Preliminary Site Plan Approval of a PUD Development plan for Aspen Pointe Single Family detached Site Condominiums located at 3345- 52nd Street SE, (north side of 52nd Street, one half mile East of Breton Avenue) Site is zoned RPUD-1 High Density Residential Planned Unit Development
  1. Other Business
  1. Discussion Concerning Restaurants in Industrial Multi-Tenant Buildings
  2. Commissioners’ Comments
  3. Staff’s Comments
  1. Adjournment
*Public Hearing Format:
1.     Staff Presentation – Introduction of project, Staff Report and Recommendation                         Introduction of project representative
  1. Project Presentation – By project representative
3.     Open Public Hearing (please state name, address and speak at podium. Comments are limited to five minutes per speaker; exceptions may be granted by the chair for representative speakers and applicants.)
4.    Close Public Hearing
5.    Commission Discussion – Requests for clarification to project representative, public or staff
  1. Commission decision – Options
  1. postpone decision – table to date certain
  2. reject proposal
  3. accept proposal
  4. accept proposal with conditions.