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7:30 P.M.
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  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance (Dan Holtrop)
  3. Roll Call
  4. Approval of the Minutes of April 14, 2015 and Findings of Fact for: Case#10-15
  1. Approval of the Agenda for April 28, 2015
  2. Acknowledge visitors and those wishing to speak to non- agenda items.
  3. Old Business
There is no Old Business
  1. Public Hearing
    Case#12-15 - Guiding Light Recovery – Rezoning of approximately 3.10 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R2 Two Family Residential- Located at 5022 Division Ave SE
    Case# 13-15 – Guiding Light Recovery – Special Land Use and Site Plan Review of an Adult Caring Institution Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Recovery Program – Located at 5022 Division Ave SE
    Case# 14-15 – Woodbury Center – Preliminary Plat and Final Site Plan Review for a Single Family Subdivision – Located South Side of 44th Street Quaker Hill Dr. Extended
    Case#15-15 – Tamarisk Apartments – Rezoning of approximately 5.11 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R4 High Density Residential – Located at 4520 Bowen Blvd SE
  2. Work Session
    There are no Work Sessions
  3. New Business
    Set public hearing date of May 26, 2015, for: Case#19-15 – Lowes – Major Change to a Site Plan Expansion of Outside Display and Storage Located at 3330 28th Street SE
  4. Other Business
  5. Discussion Concerning Restaurants in Industrial Multi-Tenant Buildings
  6. Commissioners’ Comments
  7. Staff’s Comments
  8. Adjournment
*Public Hearing Format:
1.     Staff Presentation – Introduction of project, Staff Report and Recommendation                         Introduction of project representative
  1. Project Presentation – By project representative
    3.     Open Public Hearing (please state name, address and speak at podium. Comments are limited to five minutes per speaker; exceptions may be granted by the chair for representative speakers and applicants.)
    4.    Close Public Hearing
    5.    Commission Discussion – Requests for clarification to project representative, public or staff
  2. Commission decision – Options
  3. postpone decision – table to date certain
  4. reject proposal
  5. accept proposal
  6. accept proposal with conditions.