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JANUARY 12, 2016, 7:30 P.M.
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  1. Chair Young called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commissioner Pemberton.
  3. Roll Call:
    Members Present: Bill Benoit, Emily Bridson,Dan Holtrop, Sandra Jones, Ed Kape, Mike Pemberton, Frank Vander Hoff,  and Johngerlyn Young
    Members Absent: Garrett Fox
    Others Present: Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer, Economic Development Planner Lisa Golder, Planner Joe Pung, Staff Secretary Monique Collier, the applicants and one resident.
    Motion by Kape, supported by Jones, to excuse Fox from the meeting.
  4. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  5. Fox absent -
  6. Approval of the Minutes and Findings of Fact
    Motion by Commissioner Benoit, supported by Commissioner Pemberton, to approve the Minutes of December 8, 2015. 
  7. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  8. Fox absent -
  9. Approval of the Agenda
    Schweitzer added Oath of Office under New Business
    Motion by Commissioner VanderHoff, supported by Commissioner Pemberton,                              to approve the agenda for the January 12, 2016 meeting with note added.
  10. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  11. Fox absent -
  12. Acknowledge visitors wishing to speak to non-agenda items.
    There was no public comment.
  13. Old Business
    There is no Old business
  14. Public Hearing
    Case# 1-16 Breton Homes North- Preliminary Site Plan Review of a Major Change to a PUD Located at 2475 Pfeiffer Woods Dr.
    Planner Golder introduced the request. She stated the request is for a major change to the 2007 Holland Home PUD for the area along the western portion of Pfeiffer Woods Drive. She stated the difference between the 2001 and the 2006-2007 plan was the addition of single family lots. She stated this was to be part of the continuum of care for Holland Home, but the homes would have looked like a single family development, then the congregate building, 215 units, 30 single family units and 79 condo type buildings as part of the plan.
    Golder stated now the new 2015-2016 plan includes the congregate building of which 2/3 of it is built; the applicant would like to amend the plan to eliminate a majority the single family type units, and replace with the condo type units. The condo like units come in single (detached condo), or a duplex. The total number of units 215 of the congregate, 27 of the duplex, 20 of the triplex with a total of 334, (10 more units all together). She stated also in the new plan instead of pods of units each with driveways off Pfeiffer Woods there is a private drive called Post Oak that is about 1,400 feet in length that parallels to Pfeiffer Woods Dr.
    Golder stated there is a 1400 foot driveway, 24 feet wide that serves about 62 units. She stated because the commissioners had some desire to have more sidewalk the staff recommendation is going to be for two sides of sidewalk on Post Oak Drive. The 24 foot pavement is ok because we don’t have 2 sides of parking. Instead they provided parking spaces about 40 throughout the development. Golder stated when this was approved in 2006 part of the PUD development agreement said they will have 2 sides of sidewalk on the public street. There is one side of bike lane that was put in with block grant money a couple of years ago so the west side of White Bud Dr. already has bike path.
    Golder stated the Holland Home PUD agreement specified all the streets except for this interior curve of the Osage Circle has to have sidewalk. She stated she doesn’t think sidewalk is necessary on Osage Circle.
    Golder stated the speed limit needs to be posted at 20 miles per hour which is outlined in the Engineer memo.
    Golder stated she is recommending conditional approval to the City Commission as outlined in her memo.
    Doug Stalsonburg with Exxel Engineering was present representing the request. He stated he wanted to emphasize that they have talked to both the Engineering and Fire Departments and the are fine with the layout as far as the streets not coming back out to Pfeiffer Woods with a curvature of the road and the redesign of the intersections to square them up more. He stated as far as the sidewalk on both sides he can see the commissions concerns and are prepared to agree to the sidewalk on both sides. He stated on Osage Circle it doesn’t make sense to put sidewalks on both sides there but that is a minor area and no units on the inside of the circle.
    Young opened the public hearing.
    There was no public comment.
    Motion by Pemberton, supported by VanderHoff, to close the public hearing.
  15. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  16. Fox absent -
    Pemberton stated there was issue with the sidewalks during the work session and he is good with what they have agreed to and as long and Engineering and Fire are good with the plan he is too.
    Jones concurred with Pemberton stating she is thrilled about the sidewalks and as long as Engineering and the Fire Department are fine with not coming out onto Pfeiffer Woods she is good with it as well.
    Bridson questioned the landscaping plan and what they had in mind. Stalsonburg stated that is still under development. They will save existing vegetation wherever they can but until they get into the final design of the central area they don’t know what trees will be saved, but it will be similar to the rest of the Holland Home campus. Bridson questioned if the commissioners will review the landscaping plan. Golder stated it is a staff review unless they are really interested and want to see that as a final review.
    Motion by supported by to recommend to the City Commission conditional approval of the request for Major Change to an Approved PUD Site Plan dated January 15, 2015 for the Breton Woods North PUD development as described in Case No. 1-16. Approval is conditioned on the following conditions 1-6 and basis points 1-6 as described in Golders memo.
  17. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  18. Fox absent -
  19. Work Session
    Case#2-16 Breton Homes – North – Final Site Plan Approval of a PUD Phase – Located at White Bud Dr., White Bud Ct., Norway Maple, Osage Circle
    Golder stated Holland Home would like to go forward with their new plan and start as soon as possible.  She stated all the comments raised for the Major Change are the same for the Final PUD approval. She stated there is some engineering work that needs to take place. There was quite a lot of discussion at the staff work session and they will be working that out. Part of that discussion was how many of the trees will be taken out when the grading takes place.
    Stalsonburg stated Holland Home would like to start building number 1 first and the plan is to apply for a building permit within the next few weeks and start in February weather permitting. He stated they provided the Engineering Department a utility plan even though all the utilities are in. They went from 30 single lots to 22 buildings, therefore there are some extra services and the utility plan was done to address that. There is work yet to be done to finalize the grading of the site.
    VanderHoff questioned how many of the units are pre sold. Mina Breuker stated none are pre sold but they did a priority listing. They met with a number of people and there are 12 parties on the list that are waiting to pursue. VanderHoff questioned how long they anticipate it to take to build the units. Breuker stated there are 119 total and that buildout would be about 5 years.
    Kape questioned if the Fire Department looked a Whitebud court and the turnaround for their fire truck. Golder stated yes the streets are all in they were meant to be public streets and dedicated public streets except for Osage Circle.
  20. New Business
    Motion by Holtrop, supported by Pemberton, to set a public hearing date of January 26, 2016 for Case#2-16 Breton Homes – North – Final Site Plan Approval of a PUD Phase – Located at White Bud Dr., White Bud Ct., Norway Maple, Osage Circle
  21. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  22. Fox absent -
  23. Other Business
  24. Form Based Code
    Planner Golder discussed the Special Land Use Standards for Open Air Business, Minor Auto Repair and Car Rentals.
    Pung discussed sign regulations within the Form Based Code district.
    Schweitzer stated we are looking to solicit a consultant to assist with the Form Based Code. Staff has put together a rough draft and foresee a need for a consultant to give us some perspective. He stated by January 27 bidders are asked to submit their bids then we will go through the process of evaluating the bids and selecting a contractor. Schweitzer asked if any planning commissioner would be interested in taking part in the selection of the consultant. Jones stated she would help with the selection of the consultant.
    Schweitzer stated he would like to discuss more about adult and child care in the Division Avenue corridor after he completes research on the State regulations.
    Jones stated she found information at AARP on Form Based Code and she will get the information to staff. She thinks it will be helpful in the discussion process.
  25. Election of Officers
    Motion by VanderHoff, supported by Benoit, to retain the same officers Chair Young, Vice-Chair Holtrop, Secretary Kape.
  26. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  27. Fox absent -
  28. Oath ofOffice
    State law requires that Planning Commissioners be sworn in. Since none of the current commissioners have been previously sworn in the commissioners were sworn under the guidance of Schweitzer
  29. Commissioners’ Comments
    Pemberton stated they had a LUZ committee meeting prior to the planning commission meeting. He stated they were approached by Super Green Market on East Paris and they stated they would like to add just over a 500 square foot poultry, slaughtering facility chickens only. Pemberton stated he thinks it makes sense to connect it to the existing market. The customer would have to enter a different section of the building to buy fresh chickens. He stated this is a process that has a lot of religious connotations with the community that it serves and beyond. It’s all organic, all fresh and all self-contained in the way it is processed. Pemberton stated this doesn’t comply with any of our ordinances therefore we would have to make an amendment to the ordinance to allow. Pemberton stated they are going to gather more information and try to make an appeal.
    Jones stated what she found fascinating about the request is people are currently driving to Detroit to buy these type of organic chickens.
    Holtrop stated the scary word was slaughter house but they referred to it as  processing the chicken.
    Jones asked if we have heard anything from Carmax. Pung stated they are going through the building permit process.
    Jones questioned if staff has saw the Total Chiropractic sign. She thought it was exceptionally bright. Golder stated we have been getting complaints and there was a sign company near them that was going to look into it. Craig Baker stated he will look into it but he doesn’t want to get into telling them what they can’t do. Golder stated we can require them to document the brightness of the light to verify compliance with the zoning ordinance standards.
    Bridson thanked the commissioner for their hard work and leadership last year.
    Holtrop stated GR Auto Gallery are still parking cars outside and they said they would not do that.
    Holtrop stated there was a LUZ meeting December 8 and noted that Bethany Christian Services wants to establish a campus east of the old Family Fare on 52nd and Eastern. Golder stated Planet Fitness is going into the old Family Fare.
    Young stated she would like to look at the committee list. Collier stated she will email the list to the commissioners.
  30. Staff’s Comments
    Staff offered no additional comments.
  31. Adjournment
    Motion by Commissioner VanderHoff, supported by Benoit, Commissioner                             to adjourn the meeting.
  32. Motion Carried (8-0) –
  33. Fox absent -
    Meeting adjourned at 8:35p.m.
                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                Ed Kape, Secretary