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MARCH 24, 2015, 7:30 P.M.
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  1. Chair Young called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
  1. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commissioner Holtrop.
  1. Roll Call:
Members Present: Bill Benoit, Garrett Fox, Dan Holtrop, Sandra Jones, Mike Pemberton,  Frank Vander Hoff,  and Johngerlyn Young
Members Absent: Ed Kape (with notification)
Others Present: Community Development Director Terry Schweitzer, Economic Development Planner Lisa Golder, City Engineer Tim Bradshaw, Staff Secretary Monique Collier and the applicants.
            Motion by Holtop, supported by Pemberton, to excuse Kape from the meeting.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
  1. Approval of the Minutes and Findings of Fact
Motion by Commissioner Holtrop, supported by Commissioner Fox, to approve the Minutes of March 10, 2015 and the Findings of Fact for:  Case#7-15 G.R. Auto Gallery – Special Land Use for Indoor Vehicle Sales and Site Plan Review Located at 4722 50th Street SE; Case#8-15 Sluggers Sports Academy - Special Land Use Small Group Fitness Facility Located at 4540 East Paris Ave. Suite B
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
  1. Approval of the Agenda
Motion by Commissioner VanderHoff, supported by Commissioner Fox, to approve the agenda for the March 24, 2015 meeting.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
  1. Acknowledge visitors wishing to speak to non-agenda items.
There was no public comment
  1. Old Business
There was no old Business
  1. Public Hearing
Case# 9-15 - Gotiva Motor Sales - Special Land Use Open Air Business and Site Plan Review located at 5091 Broadmoor Ave SE 
   Schweitzer stated the request is for special land use and site plan review located at 5091 Broadmoor. Schweitzer stated the property is zoned C-PUD Commercial Planned Unit Development and was previously approved and developed in 2006 for an open air vehicle sales and leasing use, vehicle detail center in combination with a Special Land Use Open Air U-Haul rental outlet. The new vehicle sales be subjected to planning commission approval for the Special Land Use and site plan review.
Schweitzer stated what is being proposed is an allowable use but it is one that requires special land use approval from the planning commission. The idea is to determine whether or not this particular use at this site is a good fit with what is around in the area.
Schweitzer stated the site can be accessed from a curb-cut onto Broadmoor Avenue at the north end of the site and from the adjacent property to the south through a service drive which runs parallel to Broadmoor Avenue. Schweitzer stated there is a lot of cross access on the site.
Schweitzer stated in their operations statement they are looking for modest sales, but having a sales growth over a period of time. Schweitzer stated the display set up for this property is at most around 50 cars so that must be taken into consideration for them to experience the sales volume growth that they are projecting.
Schweitzer stated one of the things that was brought up at the work session was the grass area between Broadmoor and the Service Drive and the way the ordinance is set up, they would not be able to display any vehicles in the Service Drive or on the grass area. Vehicles will have to be behind the service drive and on the paved areas.  Schweitzer stated they have highlighted all the landscaped area on the property so the applicant and the planning commission are aware of where the parking and the display of vehicles can take place.
Schweitzer stated he is recommending approval of the special land use and site plan review as described in his memos.
Saud Alagic, was present
Young opened the public hearing.
There was no public comment.
Motion by VanderHoff, supported by Benoit, to close the public hearing.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
Pemberton stated he thinks this is a good use for the property. Pemberton asked the applicant how long he anticipates being at this location. Algaic stated he has a 6 month lease and then he will have to purchase within 6 months.
Fox questioned if he will doing any car repairs on the site. Algaic stated if his cars need repair he has a guy on Eastern Avenue that will do repairs for him.
Motion by Holtrop, supported by Benoit, to grant Conditional approval of the Gotiva Motor Sales Special Land Use Open Air Vehicle Sales at 5091 Broadmoor, SE as described in Case #9-15.  Conditions of approval are based on condition 1 and basis points 1-4 and described in Schweitzer’s memo dated March 12, 2015.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
Motion by Holtrop, supported by Pemberton, to grant conditional approval of the Gotiva Motor Sales Site Plan dated March 25, 1998 for an Open Air Vehicle Sales at 5091 Broadmoor, SE as described in Case #9-15.  Conditions of approval are based on condition 1 and basis points 1-3 as described in Schweitzer’s memo dated March 12, 2015.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
  1. Work Session
Case#10-15 - Structures and Improvements Plan 2015-2021;
  Director Schweitzer stated the SIP is an overview of the City’s Annual Capital Improvements Program that sets forth improvements over the next 6 year period 2015-2021. This plan represents Building and Site Improvements, Parks, Streets, Sidewalks and Non-Motorized Trails and Water and Sanitary Sewer Management Systems. Schweitzer stated the Planning Commission will adopt the structures and improvements plan and forward it to the City Commission.
 City Engineer Tim Bradshaw was present. He stated Asset Management is very important to the City of Kentwood in transportation, utilities and buildings. He stated any type of infrastructure planning for the proper funding and replacement of any of those assets is important.  Bradshaw presented a map of transportation and infrastructure plan for the year. Bradshaw highlighted some of the major projects: Division Ave from 60th to 54th, reconstruction of that road: adding a center turn lane, bike lanes on both sides of the road and also adding a sidewalk on the Wyoming side of the road; also adding four grass boulevards in the center turn lanes. 52nd Street between Eastern Ave and Kalamazoo Ave: this street will be rehabilitated and also prior to fixing the road they are going to extend 6 water mains to the south side across the road, replace the road with concrete they believe this will be a 25% savings over the cost of asphalt pavement. There will also be cape seal projects throughout the City, this is a chipseal that helps waterproof the road and then the secondary micro surface over top which makes it smoother.
 VanderHoff stated he noticed a lot of projects with significant cost increase.  Bradshaw stated construction cost are up, the supply of work is up and pricing is significantly up. Discussion ensued. VanderHoff questioned how many bidders the City gets on projects. Bradshaw stated it depends on the size of the project.  VanderHoff questioned if Kentwood pays prevailing wages on the projects or does the low bidder get it whether he is union or non union. Bradshaw stated if we have federal funding typically prevailing wages are required. If the funding is 100% local then prevailing wages is not required and Kentwood does not pay prevailing wages on local projects.
 Holtrop stated in the subcommittee meeting he questioned the number of delays on the projects and Bradshaw indicated it is because project management oversight and staffing is down.
Jones questioned funding opportunities and the biding process in terms of minority contractors. Bradshaw stated going back to federal level contracts there are Disadvantaged Business Enterprise requirements (DBE), the requirements are set forth at the federal level. Bradshaw stated locally funded projects we do not have any DBE requirements. Discussion ensued. Jones ask if there is someone who is proactively looking for grant funding federal or state etc. Bradshaw stated we do. Discussion ensued.
  Schweitzer stated the committee asked for and we will provide for the public hearing fund balances. We will bring the information so they can see not only where the money is being spent, but what funds are being drawn upon. Discussion ensued regarding the proposal for the May ballot.
Case# 11-15 - Madison Ave Missionary Baptist Church – Site Plan Review for a Place of Religious Worship Located at 5757 Madison Ave SE
Golder introduced the request. She stated the request is for site plan review. She stated the church building is 2,592 square feet. She stated in 2010 the applicant requested approval to construct a 1,600 square foot addition to the existing church. This project was never undertaken. Golder stated now the applicant wishes to add a 6,000 square foot freestanding multi-purpose building to the site, 60’ north of the existing church building.
Golder stated there is a parsonage on the site that is on a separate parcel, when they add the parking for the new building it is triggering a landscape setback common to the parsonage parcel. The applicants are considering joining the parcels back together.
Golder stated the site is currently accessed from two (2) drives (one off Madison Avenue and one off 58th Street).  The future parking plan depicts a second drive off Madison Avenue. She stated
the current site includes 35 parking spaces for the existing facility. Golder stated with the addition of the 6,000 square foot multi-purpose building, an additional 23 spaces are being proposed. Golder stated required parking is based on the maximum seating capacity of the main place of assembly.  The applicant indicates that the multi-purpose building will be used for youth events, fellowship hall, etc. but not for church services. 
Golder stated the existing church was constructed in 1970.  In 1970 the property was zoned R-3 and churches were a permitted use in that zone district and did not require Planning Commission review.  The property is currently zoned R1-D Single Family Residential and churches are a special land use in the R1-D district.  The proposed addition represent an increase of more than twenty percent (20%) in the size of the building and is therefore considered a major change requiring review and approval by the Planning Commission.
Golder stated the applicant proposes additional parking spaces.  The parking area must meet the landscaping requirements of 19.03.D of the Zoning Ordinance.  This section of the ordinance sets the number of trees provided based on parking proposed, a hedgerow/berm requirement, and parking lot setback from adjacent residential uses. 
Golder stated the parking lot setback requires that the parking lot to be set back 45 feet, incorporate a 20’ buffer zones and a 6’ high vertical screen. The applicant must provide a lighting plan to be reviewed and approved by the city. The proposed church is 21’8” in height, the height proposed to the peak of the new building is 26’9”.
Golder stated there is currently no sidewalk along either street frontage.  City Resolution No. 133-78 requires construction of sidewalk along Madison Avenue as part of any development or new construction. She stated they will have to go to City Commission to get relief if they are not able to put the sidewalk in.
Golders stated the applicant should indicate whether any of the site’s trees will be removed as a result of the project.
Golder stated the fire department is looking for a fire lane. The applicant will add it and there won’t be a problem. We will also get information from the fire department for occupancy
Tood Stuive, Exel Engineering was present.
VanderHoff questioned how much it will cost to put the sidewalk on the property. Stuive stated around $25 a foot and there is 468 feet of frontage. VanderHoff stated he would agree with asking for relief because there won’t be sidewalk to the north and south.
Pastor Nate Lowe, Pastor for Madison Ave Church was present.
Fox asked what kind of timing they are looking to complete the new building. Pastor stated they are hoping to get the shell completed before the 1st and 2nd  week of September. He stated they have a mission group scheduled to come help them put up the interior and the walls free of charge. He stated hopefully by the end of the year they will be ready to occupy. Fox asked what are their occupancy expectations. Pastor stated they would never put more than 150 people in the building, their church is very small. The building they are proposing to build is an addition on to what they already have. Pastor stated it will be for their lunches, dinners etc. They will not be using it for service purposes at all. Fox questioned if rentals of the building will be something he is looking to do. Pastor stated his church does not rent their facilities. They allow them free of charge to their membership. Fox questioned the financing of the building addition. Pastor stated the bank is classifying them as 50/50 they will finance 50% and the other 50% will be financed through Macatawa Bank.
Benoit stated he noticed the trees are all gone. Golder stated the applicant cut the trees down with anticipation of the new building. Benoit stated the church is beautiful, his concern is that it looks like they are going to build a pole barn in the middle of the nice subdivision. Golder stated in the R1-C zone we do not have building material standards or requirements. Benoit asked if there was a reason they didn’t attach the building to the church. Pastor stated the reason they didn’t attach the building to the church is for the anticipation of possibly growing in the future. Pastor stated they have privacy fencing all along the west side and north side of the property and the only home that would be able to see the building would be his house, the parsonage. Pastor stated they want the building to look nice too, they don’t want it to look like a pole barn.
Holtrop asked if the parsonage parcel will be joined. Golder stated they could alternatievly go to zoning board of appeals to seek relief from the landscape buffer. Holtrop asked if the Pastor met with the neighbors. Pastor Lowe stated they invited the neighborhood and nobody showed up.
Jones stated she was concerned about the removal of the trees and will they be required to replace the trees. Golder stated there is no requirement to replace the trees but there are landscaping requirements that they have to meet. Jones ask about lighting and other miscellaneous things that may come up and was wondering if they have financing budgeted for emergencies and that sort of thing. Pastor stated they do and they are still working with their electrician to get the final cost for lighting. Jones stated her other concern was the style of the building as well.
Pemberton questioned combining the two parcels. Pastor stated if it is required they will do that, it is not an issue as far as the church is concerned. Pemberton stated he can see some of the advantages of combining the parcels, it could remove some of the requirements they would have. Pemebrton stated if they did decide to combine, the site plan will significantly change. Tim VanderKodde, with VanderKodde construction was present, He stated the only thing that will change is the requirement for the 20 foot buffer between the drive and the parsonage property line. VanderKodde stated the site plan will not change at all. Pemberton encouraged the church to carefully select colors for the siding. VanderKodde stated they are well above a pole barn it will be a sharp looking building.
  1. New Business
Motion by Holtrop, supported by VanderHoff, to set public hearing date of April 28, 2015, for: Case#12-15 - Guiding Light Recovery – Rezoning of approximately 3.10 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R2 Two Family Residential- Located at 5022 Division Ave SE; Case# 13-15 – Guiding Light Recovery – Special Land Use of an Adult Caring Institution Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Recovery Program – Located at 5022 Division Ave SE; Case# 14-15 – Woodbury Center – Preliminary Plat and Final Site Plan Review for a Single Family Subdivision – Located South Side of 44th Street Quaker Hill Dr. Extended;Case#15-15 – Tamarisk Apartments – Rezoning of approximately 5.11 acres of land from C2 Commercial to R4 High Density Residential – Located at 4520 Bowen Blvd SE;Case#16-15 – Tassell Farms Condominiums – Rezoning of Approximately 22 acres from R1-B Single Family Residential to RPUD-1 High Density Residential Planned Unit Development and Preliminary Site Plan Approval Located at the southeast corner of 32nd Street and Shaffer
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
  1. Other Business
  1. Commissioners’ Comments
Holtrop stated they would like to see the Parks and Recreation Business Plan Master Plan presented at one of our future meetings.
  1. Staff’s Comments
Golder reviewed the site Plan for the Farmers Market to be located at the Library for the summer of 2015.
  1. Adjournment  
Motion by Commissioner  Vander Hoff, supported by Commissioner Pemberton,                         to adjourn the meeting.
  • Motion Carried (7-0) –
  • Kape absent -
Meeting adjourned at 8:40p.m.
                                                            Respectfully submitted,
                                                            Ed Kape, Secretary