Kentwood Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

What is the Economic Development Corporation?

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was formed to coordinate and implement economic development activities of Kentwood.  The EDC Board is appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Commission.  All Board members are Kentwood residents representing a variety of businesses and industries.

What does the EDC do?

The EDC acts as a liaison to attract, retain and expand business within the Kentwood community. The Board members and their staff work with various branches of the government in enhancing resources that are available to businesses.

As a Kentwood resident, how can I help the EDC achieve its goals?

In discusions with your neighbors, colleagues and business associates you can point out the benefits of living in Kentwood, such as its vibrant business community, well developed infrastructure, first class school system, excellent recreational facilities as well as its proximity to all forms of transportation, including the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Why should I help the EDC?

By helping the EDC you are lending a hand so that your community can prosper!  Our success ensures that all citizens of our community can enjoy the available resources for a peaceful and pleasant life.
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Board Members

Rich Gaffin

Evert VanderHeide

Dave DeBruyn

Lody Zwarensteyn

Gary Gabrielse

Earl Clements

Robert Coughlin

Joel Brandt

Anthony DeLuccia

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